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  2018.09.27  00.32
Less Hopeless

I couldn't afford to, but I just made my first political donation since the 2016 election. After two years of apathy and despair and generally avoiding the news because it would only make me feel worse, I saw a chance to maybe make a difference in the future of my country. This country I used to love.

People For the American Way was founded close to 40 years ago in response to religious bullying elbowing its way into our national politics in the form of the so-called Moral Majority. PFAW has been fighting rear-guard actions against the worst of the extreme right ever since. Currently that worst is Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. And PFAW's major donors have offered to match donations to the tune of 5×.

Which is enough to make me feel like what little I can afford can make a difference. And that maybe telling my friends about it can too.

Donation Link

(That's just the link they emailed me, stripped of identifying information so you don't land on a form with my name and address pre-filled-in.)

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.09.20  14.36
Nerd Love!

I love Adam Savage not least for his unabashed nerdiness — and his infectious enthusiasm for other nerds and their work.

Barnaby Dixon is a stop-motion animator turned puppeteer, who's devised his own puppet techne. Which is interesting in its own right, and doubly so for what it lets him achieve artistically.

In a video posted earlier today, Barnaby and some of his puppets visit Adam in his shop. And in the ensuing discussion of Barnaby's techniques and the art he makes with them, Adam's enthusiasm gets turned up to 11. The video is joy to watch.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.08.31  00.59
looking for an interim phone

I lost my phone Tuesday. Skipping the details, I've now given up on finding it, and have ordered a refurb and a new SIM. Which, because I didn't want to pay the penalties for panic shipping, will arrive next week.

But now it occurs to me that not having a cell phone during the first weekend of rush is tempting Murphy's laws.

So: does anyone know of a place in greater Boston that I can walk into and — < 30 minutes later and without a fight about not wanting a new phone or a plan — walk out with a prepaid SIM on a GSM network? And by that same token, does anyone have an old disused GSM phone sitting in a drawer you'd be willing to lend, sell, or give me for the weekend? Or of anywhere non-sketchy that sells such?

Thanks in advance!

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  2018.07.11  18.18
Pick me up at the hospital Tues?

I just got off an hour-long phone with my surgeon's nurse, discussing the stuff I need to do in preparation for my carpel-tunnel surgery Tues. In which I learned something I had not anticipated: There needs to be someone accompanying me home. And I have to let them know the day before who that will be. (I wasn't expecting to drive myself home: I'm going to be anesthetized. But I was figuring on just calling a Lyft. But they're not okay with that: they'll only discharge me into the care of someone who'll make sure I get home.)

So: if anyone would be able to pick me up at Beth Israel Needham sometime Tues, I'd be most grateful. (They don't do operating room scheduling until the day before: so "Tuesday after 10 am; before 7 pm" is the best I can do til sometime Monday afternoon.) If you're willing but don't drive, we can work make that work: The person they discharge me to doesn't have to drive me home: Just accompany me home.

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  2018.06.29  14.29
Vi Hart is a genius!

I'm not going to try to even enumerate the layers of meaning here. Mathemagician Vi Hart is possibly the most consistently brilliant artist on Youtube. And this is brilliant even by her standards. (Even if you're not familiar with her work, this is accessible on several levels, and will reward watching. Yes, it refers back to her body of work a great deal. But take that as reason to look at that work later yourself.)

Suspend Your Disbelief (or, how to ruin everything in 7 steps)
After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.06.14  16.51
Self-propagating typo

I wonder if AI is good enough at this point that organizations could offer a public bug reporting facility to their customers, and rely on an AI to bring only those reporting something real to a human's attention?

What brings this to mind is a minor — it probably started life as a typo — data bug I came upon today. The interesting thing about it being that I stumbled upon it in Amazon's data, where I barely noticed it. But then I went to Google Play to check their price — and they had the exact same data bug. Which reveals a detail about how both companies populate their public product databases that they might have preferred to keep private. (Or might not — but it seems to me a company would prefer not to say "we populate our store inventory with regular data dumps from foo, then apply our pricing algorithm and publish it.")

The bug, if you're interested: I was watching a Youtube video of a conference presentation, the speaker showed a slide that intrigued me, captioned with a barely legible credit: Gary Gruver. So I Googled the guy, and found my way to an Amazon page for a book Amazon called — in both in the headline on the page and (sans particles) the Amazon URL — Start and Scaling Devops in the Enterprise. But on the accompanying photo of the book's cover, the title is Starting and Scaling Devops in the Enterprise (emphasis added). At some point in the past few years I stopped dismissing books and articles out of hand for having "enterprise" in the title, and I (for probably no good reason) feel less trapped buying an e-book from Google than Amazon, so I thought I'd see what Google was charging. And found the exact same typo, with the same photo of the cover and the same variant in the URL.

Screencaps behind the cutCollapse )

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.06.02  13.05
A lovely spring Saturday

Today is the 1"st Annual" Newton Porchfest. I hadn't planned to take any of it in, but a few minutes ago, just as a I stepped outside to take some recycling to the bin, the band at the Auburndale Library (next door) started into Here Comes the Sun — a lovely performance, entirely suited to a lazy spring day. I'm now trying to decide if walking around to the front of the Library (where I could see them as well as hear them) would be pushing it. And sitting in the air-conditioning and writing you all about it in the mean time.

(I originally wrote that I'd stepped outside just as the band next door "started an entirely creditable rendition of Here Comes the Sun" — entirely creditable being a phrase I've become fond of in conversation at some point in the past few years. I'm not sure tat I'd never used it in writing before, but I felt sufficiently unsure to Google it: "deserving public acknowledgment and praise but not necessarily outstanding or successful." Which is closer to damning with faint praise than how I've been using the phrase in speech. I like my usage better, and will probably continue using it that way conversationally, in hope of doing my small bit for semantic shift in the direction of fine distinctions. At any rate, by the definition Google gives, their performance was more than creditable.)

The band, by the way, appear to be The Nays. I'm definitely going to make a point of taking in a show some time.

Note added 2 hours later:

That was totally a good time. My knee's bitching at me now, but — whatever. It was still totally a good time.

I heard a lot of classic-rock-cover-bands when I lived in Harvard Square 25+ years ago. And only maybe two of those bands — only one I remember for sure — left me in a little pool of contentment the way I am right now. (This despite the OMG I'm old! moment when a band that had been playing songs by The Beatles, The Byrds, The Band — songs that were classics before I was old enough to like girls — started into a Dire Straits song. Not even a song from their first album. A song from an album I bought when it was new. On CD.)

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  2018.05.30  14.59
9th-Century Scandinavia?

Behind the cut is a screencap from a Youtube video called 878: A Tour of Viking Britain. The North Sea in the 9th-CenturyCollapse ) After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!

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  2018.05.28  13.39
The Deep

When I'm reading a web page and see a link that might be interesting, I usually open it in a new (backgrounded) tab and keep reading, without really even being conscious of it. I'm sure most of you do the same. So a coupe of weeks ago I was going through a window with maybe 100 such, some waiting since April. I closed a tab, saw a youtube.com URL in the next one, shifted my eyes to a different window while it started to load — and spent the next 5½ minutes with my jaw hanging open, in total awe.

And I've been trying to write a post about it ever since. And just now, finally had the dawn-breaks-over-marble-head realization that I am never going to craft the perfect introduction that will induce everyone who reads my words to discover this astounding work for themselves. And that's okay.

Spend five minutes with The Deep. Maybe read the annotated lyrics on genius.com while you listen. But do listen. You'll be glad you did.

H/T [personal profile] rmd (whose post about this is locked, but was entirely understanding when I explained my compulsion to cite my sources).

A few related items you may find interesting:

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.05.27  17.49
Consumerism: Good < 1ℓ insulated pitcher?

I have an excelent 1.5ℓ coffee pitcher: It will keep a four-to-six person team-meeting in hot coffee for an hour — or two people working on a project for a half-day. But when it's only me, it's just too much. 1.5ℓ isn't necessarily more coffee than I want in a day. But it's definitely more than I should. And after five or six hours, most of it more than half-empty, it's lukewarm.

I was hoping the people who make it sell a smaller one as well. But if they do, my Google-fu has failed to find any sign of it. So if anyone knows of a good < 1ℓ coffee pitcher, please tell me about it.

Thanks in advance!

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus.
It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.05.22  23.27
a happy birthday

I've had a fantastic birthday! I didn't make any plans, as I often don't. I remembered it was my birthday when I woke up, but as I don't generally keep a facebook tab open, and haven't run biff(1) or any of its descendants for 20 years ... what can I say? It got swapped out. To the point where, an hour into the first of the wonderful hour+ phone calls I've had today whth three of my favorite people on Earth:

"So, any particular reason you called?"
"Happy birthday!"
"Oh, right." Then, through the gales of laughter on both ends, "Boy, I'm never going to hear the end of this, am I?
(Which, looking at it, sounds contrived. But I'm not a good enough actor to fake being that clueless.)

In the spirit of spreading around the warm-fuzzies: Years ago, back when text was the medium we communicated on on the 'net, a friend a thousand miles away needed a hug. Now I want to embrace all of you.

Read more...Collapse ) After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.05.03  14.15
Open-source router firmware?

Do any of you have an informed view on the relative merits of DD-WRT, OpenWRT, Tomato, et al? It's close to ten years since I looked into them in any detail; ISTR deciding at the time that none was significantly better or worse than the others. (Though I'm also fairly sure the decision I made then — to use DD-WRT — had a more substantive basis than just a dice-roll.)

Now I'm looking to set up a NAT with USB tethering from my Pixel as its upstream. Googling didn't find me any good leads for doing this with DD-WRT, but several discussions of doing it with OpenWRT. So I installed OpenWRT on a Cisco/Linksys E4200, with one of its switch ports connected to my MacBook Air via a USB_Ethernet adapter. (And with that and power as the only cables connected to it.) The E4200 came up just fine, giving my Mac a DHCP address in 192.168.1/24, and with the GUI as described in the OpenWRT setup docs. But when I rebooted it after a very little basic configuration (essentially just setting a root password and pasting an ssh public key in), my Mac came up with a self-assigned IP (i.e. one in

I've now installed OpenWRT on the E4200 twice with the same results. So before I try to wrestle that into submission, I figured it would be worth while to run this by you all and see what you say.

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  2018.04.26  20.55
Ikea, anyone?

I need to make a trip to Ikea, and I'm going to need some help. So: anyone want to go to Ikea some time in the next couple weeks? If so, would you be interested in trading some labor for a ride? (The ride comes with well over ⅔ of the space in the cargo van I'll be renting. And I'll happily kill a few hours in the café to give you time to do the shopping to fill it.)

The problem is that I'm still sufficiently mobility-impaired to mostly limit my shopping to stores that have those electric scooter+shopping-carts for handicapped customers.

Which Ikea does not.

Which puts me in a bit of a quandary: Ikea is by far the best place to get the things I need. But just getting through the place in my human-powered wheelchair is going to push my limits right now. (And that without trying to actually carry anything.)

So I'm hoping to find somebody who'd be interested in working out a mutually beneficial arrangement. So I'd like to find someone interested in working out a mutually beneficial arrangement, with their contribution being to drive the shopping trolly.

If you're interested, please let me know. Or if you know someone who might be interested, please pass this URL along to them. (It's a public post.)

Thanks in advance!


After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.04.23  23.44
Tape reel?

I don't suppose anyone around Boston has an empty ¼-inch magnetic tape reel laying around gathering dust, and would like me to take it off your hands? (Hey, it's worth a shot. At least among my friends....)

@WAYRTTD?{I have a 30m flat cat5 cable. Which is in many ways a lot handier to keep close to hand for those moments when I suddenly need 'net in some dark corner than a normal cat5 cable even half as long. But one way in which it is emphatically not handier is wrapping it up when I'm done with it: it always ends up a tangled mess. I'm pretty sure a ¼-inch tape reel would be the ideal way to store it. Unfortunately, it's been a good 25 years since I regularly scattered around friends apartments. But on the off chance....}

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.03.26  17.09

The scene: Harvard Square or equivalent -------- A European town center; or a par;, or even a shopping mall:  someplace people gather and meander. A busker starts performing. A minute later, another musician joins in. And this builds until the crowd find themselves in the midst of a full orchestra....

That describes enough youtube videos to make a genre. And this is my new favorite flashmob orchestra video:  Enjoy!

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.03.15  00.03
An odd wrinkle...

Yesterday I read a feature story — I wish I could remember where. It started with a vignette from a woman's life: How, when she was a little girl, she'd rushed to her grandmother's house around the corner after school one day, to lose herself in the book she'd just been assigned to read: A Wrinkle in Time. The author went on to relate a few details of the sort guaranteed to make anyone who has ever been a young reader enchanted by a book grow misty-eyed.  I was quite charmed by fifty or so words in.

And then, the kicker: The girl's grandmother was Madeline L'Engle.

I was a voracious reader when I was little — but somehow my reading didn't include many of the books my friends all remember fondly. I was 28 when a girlfriend introduced me to Winnie the Pooh; ten years ago another introduced me to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Those were delights to discover as an adult, as were quite a few others. And it was clear by a few paragraphs in to the article that A Wrinkle in Time would be as well.

So I bought the e-book. But for some reason didn't get a chance to start it until about two hours ago.

I'm enthralled. Not only is the me reading the book today totally loving it — but as I read, I'm feeling the enchantment the ten-year-old me would have felt if he'd read it then. As a passage strikes a chord, I glance at the wall, a fleeting image in my mind's eye. And simultaneously, the memory of what I would see laying in my childhood room, glancing up at the low sloping ceiling and imagining the scene in my ten-year-old-mind's eye.

I can only imagine that this will grow more delightful as I go on. And if by any chance any of you haven't read it: Though I'm only two chapters in, I can recommend it unreservedly. Let's read it together!

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.02.27  23.06
Vihart: Peace

Recreational mathemusician Vihart has long been one of my favorite Youtubers. With this video, she enters a new realm.

Watch. Listen. And be awed.

And then watch the making-of video — at the end of which you'll get to listen while watching the same video again in a different geometry. And be trebly awed.

Seriously. Even if you never watch videos. I've never been more bowled over.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.01.27  23.25
Youngstown Ohio?

I'm looking for someone to check out a used car for me near Youngstown, Ohio. (Which is, in terms of places more likely to be on my friends' mental maps, about 80 miles SE of Cleveland or NW of Pittsburgh — or an hour west of Cooper's Lake Campground.)

Some of you will remember (and most of the rest will have heard me go on about) the best car I ever owned, my '93 Plymouth Colt Vista.1 In 2000 I traded mine in, and I've been looking for its equal ever since. I thought I'd found it five years ago, when Ford introduced the B-Max in Europe. But then Ford's US management essentially said "All that stuff about One Ford and being a world car company? Ha-ha! Fooled ya!"

Which is about when I set up searches on various used-car websites. Until now, everything they've turned up that might have been worth checking out has been at least 1000 miles away. And if I'm going to travel somewhere to buy an old used car — and then try to drive the car back — it's got within the distance I'm willing to take a Greyhound. Potentially twice. Which Youngstown is right on the edge of. But before I buy the bus ticket, I want to have some assurance that I might not be setting off on a fool's errand. Hence wanting to find someone local to scope the car out for me. Ideally it would be someone who knows a good local mechanic to take the car to for a checkover. I would of course expect to pay this person a reasonable amount for their time. f you know someone in that area who might be into this sort of thing, please let me know.

Thank you. You may now point and laugh. :^)

1Also sold as the Mitsubishi Expo LRV or Eagle Summit Wagon: A small car that fit in the footprint of a standard econobox, but had a sliding rear door and enough space inside for both your friends and your hobbies. Like a minivan, but bonsai!, to quote Siderea.  Ray Magliozzi, my mechanic, also had one and considers it the best car he ever owned. After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2018.01.25  11.43
Saints preserve us from marauding wirecutters!

The only thing keeping me from switching to FIOS at this point is that I don't want to put our copper pair at risk. My Google-fu has thus far failed to find me a clear signal amidst all the noise on this topic, so I figured I'd ask the hive mind: Does anyone know the magic incantation to utter when ordering FIOS from Verizon that will result in them installing it while leaving our copper pair (and the POTS that runs over it) unscathed? A talisman, as it were, to protect copper?

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.12.31  17.29
Sorry to miss you!

Happy New Year, everyone! I've decided to forgo parties tonight, and want to let those of you I consequently won't see know I'm sorry to miss you. I also want to let people know that this is not a matter of avoiding social interaction out off depression.

At least, I don't think it is. :^)

I loathe driving in Boston, and never more than NYE. And this year, instead of living a ten-minute drive from any party I might end the night at, it's more like a half-hour. (I moved to my friend Mike's house in Newton last summer.) And I'm loathe to screw up my hard-fought progress toward maintaining a regular sleep schedule. All of which adds up to staying home tonight being the smart move.

Again, sorry to miss you. And Happy New Year!

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.12.17  23.05
Pithy Latin phrase?

Those of you who've studied Latin and/or Rhetoric: When Foo argues for Bar, and Quux replies by making negative statements about Foo, we say that Quux's argument is ad hominem — a handy term for an all too common phenomenon.

Now imagine that Foo argues for Bar, and Quux responds by making negative statements about Bar — i.e. Quux responds to the substance of Foo's argument with a substantive argument against it. Wonderful! This is civil discourse.

But then Foo responds as if Quux had attacked them personally.

Such taking of a substantive disagreement as if it were a personal attack is common. More common than actual ad hominem attacks.

My question for you is:

Is there a pithy Latin phrase for this phenomenon?

I've seen many discussions fail because of this. And even more never happen from fear of it. (I'm thinking particularly of workplace discussions here — not least because I first became aware of this phenomenon many years ago at a former employer.)

Don't take criticism personally is a useful thought to keep in mind when someone disagrees with you. But a pithier phrase would be better — especially one in Latin or Greek: Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur.* You don't actually see very many ad hominem arguments among adults, and I suspect part of the reason is that we have that convenient name for them. (Also because we all learned very young that only losers engage in ad hominem arguments.)

So: Anyone know of anything? If not, is your Latin up to coining a new rhetorical term?

* Everything sounds better in Latin.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.12.06  19.15
Two quick questions for Boston folks

Unrelated, save that both involve an in-person handoff:

  1. Gardeners:  Could you use a small bottle of Pyrethrin Garden Insect Spray Concentrate? I have most of a half-pint; free to good home.
  2. Anyone going to Canada in the near future:  I have CAD125 that I'd gladly swap someone for a dollar less than whatever xe.com says it's worth in USD.
    Cambridge Trust, where I've been banking for 25 years now, periodically has signs in the branches mentioning that they do currency exchange for customers, and can often do them the same day. So I didn't worry much about bringing some CAD back. It didn't occur to me that this convenience might come at an enormous premium until I walked into a branch the other day and they offered me roughly USD20 less than I'd paid for that CAD125 at my sister's credit union a week before. (And no, the exchange rate is nothing like that volatile.) I'm willing to keep it in my travel wallet til next time I go to Canada rather than take that hit, just on general principle. But if someone has a use for it soon, I'm sure I can also find a use for the just under USD100 it's worth right now.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.12.05  18.32
Please help me Christmas-shop for my nieces

I spent the last half of November in Saskatchewan (roughly 52°20′ N, 106°40′ W), visiting my sister. And having a truly fantastic time — so much so that I didn't even find time to start any posts about the trip while I was there. I've been back five days, and I'm grinning ear-to-ear just thinking about it.

But I'm going to resist babbling about the whole trip right now because there's a part I want to highlight and ask my friends' advice about: Two of the greatest delights of this trip were meeting my nieces, D (15) and K (13). Both are mentally agile and very clearly enjoy exploring what their minds can do. And my immediate concern is what do I get them for Christmas?

(Those of you still within shouting distance of your own teens, I'd especially appreciate your thoughts.)

D is a writer, and nearly talked my ear off a outlining the fantasy/mystery/romance book (trilogy? series?) that's currently running riot in her imagination. So obviously, I want to give her books.

She's not as widely read as she could be, and entirely uninformed as to what the life of a writer might be like. And I know the perfect book to help on both those fronts: The View from the Cheap Seats: Selected Nonfiction, by Neil Gaiman. That was decided the moment I mentioned him and it was clear she'd never even heard his name.

I also want to give her some fiction. And my initial thought is give her one of Gaiman's novels, if only because I'd feel a bit odd telling her Here's this collection of minor non-fiction, much of it about writing, by this fantastic fiction writer you've never heard of. But you're on your own to discover his fiction! But I'm totally out of my depth when I try to think which of his novels is appropriate to a 15-year-old girl who's lived a sheltered life in a socially-conservative Christian home. And I don't have time to re-read his entire oeuvre.

My first day there, I mentioned to the 13-year-old, K, that I'd heard she was into math. And the next thing I knew, she had me generating dozen-digit numbers for her to multiply by hand with an enthusiasm that reminded me very much of myself at about her age.1

I opened my laptop and started checking her in a Python interpreter. When her answer to one problem was off by a single digit in the middle of a 15-digit string, I started writing a quick script to step through the problem, and her eyes lit up. Soon enough she was playing around in the interpreter herself, trying arithmetic operations in various combinations to the point where I began wondering if I was going to have to explain floating-point to this kid who hasn't even seen single-variable algebra.

Her enthusiasm was totally delightful, and I want to cultivate it. One of my missions on this trip was to upgrade and configure remote administration on my sister's Mac. On which, it turned out, she was using < 5% of the available storage. So after watching K take to coding like a fish to water, I also created accounts for the whole family and made sure K understands the rudiments of the terminal. So I can certainly spend time with her remotely and help her find toys to play with. But I have no thoughts about what to give her for Christmas anywhere near as specific as I do for her sister.

Is there a good teach-yourself-Python book or online curriculum for teens?2 A book of fun math puzzles that might expand her horizons a bit beyond arithmetic? A (well-enough supervised for her parents to approve) online community for teens just discovering that they might be math geeks that I could maybe buy her a subscription to? If you found that you had a mathematically talented younger relative going to a lousy school without a lot of stimulation or any real peers, what would you want to give her?2

1Or rather, she reminded me of myself a couple of years younger: she's in eighth grade and they're multiplying fractions.

2Bonus points if it's for Python 3. (It makes no sense to me to start a novice off with Python 2 at this point.)

3Take a pass on this question if you're Salman Khan: I know Sal's answer, and have already turned K on to Khan Academy :^)

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.11.14  19.21
Lend Luggage?

Edit: Nevermind. All covered, thanks to Abbe (who I don't think has an account here).

Short form: Does anyone want to lend me a rollaway bag til Dec? One you're okay with leaving to the tender mercies of baggage handlers and the TSA, please.

One I can pick up tomorrow?

Long form: I'm flying out on Thursday to visit my sister for the first time in more than ten years. I've had my tickets for more than a month, and have for all that time thought I had done all the necessary planning and had everything in order for the trip.

@MrRogers{Can you say hubris, boys and girls?}

Okay, that's hyperbole. But until a few minutes ago, I was quite sure I'd seen my rollaway go into the very back of the big closet in my room when I moved in. I was wrong. There's a ratty old LL Bean book bag the same color as my rollaway (i.e. black) that I must have somehow misparsed when I saw it among the first loads to go into the closet back in August.

I can make the aforementioned ratty old book bag and my current book bag. But it will be a much less annoying trip with a rollaway.

So, if you have a rollaway you won't miss if it's away for a couple of weeks, and it's realistically possible for me to pick it up tomorrow (or possibly tonight), please let me know. I'll be keeping an eye out here, but if you could txt me at 617 901 6954 as well, that will get my attention quicker.

And thank you for even considering it. Which I assume if you've read this far, you did.

You may now point and laugh :^)

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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  2017.10.20  11.49
Gord Downy

It's always such a churn of emotions when I discover an artist by way of their obituary.

If only I could turn the clock back 35 years and follow his career from the start....

Canada was very fortunate to have such an artist. And badly cheated to have him taken from their midst before his time.

After fifteen years on LJ, I have joined the great exodus. It's lovely over here. Join me!
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