Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Anyone else listen to jazz?

I've now listened to all or part of something like 20 recordings of that standard of standards, Irving Berlin's "Blue Skies" — and not a one of them is a straightforward rendition of the song. Ella Fitzgerald completely goes to town on it; it's no doubt one of the best scat records ever. Cassandra Wilson starts out with utter simplicity: bass and drums leading in to her voice, starting with a chorus. An absolutely brilliant performance, but by 1:10 she's scatting up a storm too. Frank Sinatra has a male chorus singing some really stupid additional lyrics as background/counterpoint. Josephine Baker's 1927 recording is straightforward enough, but pitchy as all hell. Perry Como's performance is straightforward enough, but it's so not a crooner's song.

So: Does anyone know of a solid, straightforward recording of this particular classic? I'm just looking for someone with a decent voice, a capella or with minimal accompaniment. Anyone? Beuller?
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