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For Massachusetts residents: write your legislator

The info below is form a social mailing list I'm on; it reminded me that this would be a good time to write my legislator. My boss said something on this topic I found interesting. He was raised conservative christian (pentacostal) in rural Maine, and said he's not comfortable with gay marriage. But he's more uncomfortable with the idea that religious views be imposed on society, and since it's pretty clear that marriage is now as much a secular as a religious institution, the state is wrong to deprive that right of some of its citizens. My sister belongs to a similarly conservative congregation, and at least when I was aware of it, which is 20 years or so ago, they took a similar view: seperation of church and state was as important a value to them as a church as it was to the state. I wonder if the entire source of the "religious right" isn't simply an abandonment of that 300 year old American traditional value.

Anyway, here's the info

Currently, the Massachusetts Legislature is scheduled to have a
Constitutional Convention session next Wednesday, February 11 on the
"gay marriage" issue.  At that time, it could take any action on the
issue, including confirming the SJC decision ordering marriages be
performed on homosexual couples, or starting the process of amending
the Massachusetts Constitution to nullify the SJC decision.

Feelings are running high on the issue, and legislators are watching
their mail carefully.  If you have an opinion on the subject, sending
a letter this week may have a significant impact.

To find the names and addresses of your Mass. senator and
representative, you can go to, or call your
city/town clerk.

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