Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

LJ Strike

I was unaware of the whole controversy about LJ's new owners quietly putting an end to the classic free account until a couple of days ago, and as a permanent account holder I am blithely unaffected by pretty much any stupid-ass thing they decide to do. But this decision so totally misses the point.

I doubt a 24-hour posting strike will do much good. But it can't hurt. Here's a good brief discussion, and here's a timetable by timezones

Personally, I don't expect them to get it, and think we'll see an outmigration from LJ eventually. I tend to think the best solution would be for someone to take the LJ code, devise a migration tool for LJ account holders, and form`a consumer's co-op to own and operate their user-owned alternative site. (I don't have the time or energy to do this, but I do own the domains, .net, and .org, and would be willing to contribute those, a couple terabytes of RAID arrays, and, say, ten U of datacenter space to help bootstrap someone who wanted to run with the idea, and could convince me they could make it work.)
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