Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

older LJ entries?

I was just looking for an LJ entry about something I did years ago. I happen to have looked at my "profile?mode=full" recently (and boy does it need updating), so I knew I had fewer than 500 total entries. So I typed "" into the location bar. And the earliest entry on that page was from roughly two years after I started using LJ. WTF? With a little experimentation I determined that that is in fact the page I get for skip=n for any value of n >= 380. So I can only look at my most recent 399 LJ entries that way. Apparently the only way for me to see older entries in my own journal is with the brain-damaged yyyy/mm/dd/ URL form.

Does this strike anyone else as arbitrary, pointless, and stupid?
Tags: lj-tech
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