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Looking for a job

I am in the market for a new job, and would appreciate your help. My resumé is at — feel free to give that URL to anyone who might be interested.

I am looking for one of two disjoint types of work
To quote the 'Objective' section of my resumé: To manage a top-notch team of technical professionals doing work that matters. We built a fantastic team at TERC, and I played a big role in that, recruiting and motivating a group of really smart people who did great work. I'm good at managing and motivating nerds, and really good at helping non-technical people understand and articulate how technology can help them achieve their goals, and at translating that understanding into coherent technical requirements. And I truly love this kind of work.


A job with regular hours that would leave me both the mental energy and the time to finally finish my degree. (The point of which would be to improve my odds of getting the first kind of job.)

Please let me know if you hear of anything that might suit me. Thank you.
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