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It occurs to me I haven't posted about this: I'm moving, with (I hope) the main body of the move happening tomorrow.

Chris (my housemate, who owns the house where I live, in Somerville, but works in California) has decided to do his long-planned remodeling this summer. So we're all moving to a condo he owns about a mile away for the duration. Which makes for a strange sort of move: for one thing, I've got a month to do it in. For another, I'm packing on the basis of What do I need for the next six months? Because anything I take with me, I'm moving again in six months, but anything I don't take can just be stored in the part of the house that's not being torn up or in the garage for the duration.

I decided the best way to go about this was to move myself and the big stuff I'm definitely going to want first, and then spend the next few weeks packing everything else up, either to store or to move piecemeal.

So tomorrow, armed with a U-Haul cargo van, Matthew and I are going to test this theory. If all goes well, by this time tomorrow I'll be asleep in the very same bed that I am currently looking at longingly, a mile away.

Wish me luck.
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