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Want nap

Our temporary digs are the middle unit of a classic Somerville three-decker; I have the front bedroom with the bay window. A southeast facing bay window, with K-mart special cheap plastic blinds. The only sensible place in the room to put my bed turns out to be with the head against the southwest wall. So in spite of going to bed totally exhausted, I woke up this morning a little before 5:30. And couldn't get back to sleep in all that streaming sunlight. (I'd set the alarm for 6:30 so as to be sure of getting the van, which I was way too tired to return last night, back to U-Haul in time, so I suppose I didn't miss much sleep. But I wanted that hour.)

Remarkably, I'm not actually very sore: some minor muscle aches in my shoulders and that's about it. That and an interesting pattern of bruising on my forearms are about it. So nothing to complain about, especially given that when I went to bed I fully expected to wake up sore all over.

First order of business was to put gas in the van.¹ I'd gone 14 miles at that point and was a couple of miles form the U-Haul, so I figured even at $4/gallon, $10 ought to be enough. The fuel gauge barely budged, and was still well below where it was when I picked the van up. Another $10 appeared to do the trick, if just barely. Then I watched it slowly climb as I drove back to U-Haul: I'm guessing modern fuel gauge are computerized and average over a few minutes to dampen noise in the system.

Returned the van. Caught a bus back to Davis; had breakfast (I have kitchen stuff but no groceries here yet), came back, started unpacking and wrote this.
¹ If you return it with the fuel gauge showing less than when you left, they not only charge you well over market for the difference, but also a $30 service fee.
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