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Firefox fuckage

I am seriously fed up with the firefox 3 wonder bar or whatever the hell they call it. It used to be I typed the first few letters of a domain name into the location bar, and firefox would offer to autocomplete a URL in that domain. It wasn't perfect: in general, when i type "goog" into the location bar, I want to go to" rather than be presented with a list of all the google URLs I've ever visited in some arbitrary order. But it was by and large useful.

In FF3 they decided to be clever, and match on the substring, not only in the URL but in metadata. The annoyance I felt when Microsoft products started capitalizing things I'd typed in lower case (and then would sometimes re-capitalize them after i manually reverted to lower case) is as nothing compared to this.

According to this tip, this misfeature can be turned off, reverting to the FF2 behaviour. The tip is a lie.

Here is my FF3 showing that setting, set to 2 as per the tip — a change I made a couple of weeks ago:

And here is what actually happens when I type "camb" into the stupid bar:

Only the items 4 and 6 are for sites in domains starting with "camb" — the other four, including the top three results, sure as hell appear to have been generated by the stupidity this setting is supposed to turn off.

I don't want an idiot bar in my browser: I want a location bar. If I wanted my computer to override my typing with its own stupid guesses, I'd use Microsoft products. Does anyone know how to actually bury this misfeature and drive a stake through its heart?
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