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There goes that startup idea

Throughout the bubble I kept coming up with startup ideas that I would happily tell anyone, because IMO they were too stupid for anyone to fund. In several cases, someone else came up with one of those same ideas, and either because they didn't realize it was stupid or didn;' care, did manage to get it funded — only to have their company crash and burn, verifying my original opinion of the idea.

But throughout that period, and ever since, there was one idea I kept fairly close: The one that I thought had genuine potential. What always struck me as odd was that while what I considered fairly inane and obscure ideas were being imagined and productized by other people, this one, which I considered both the most sensible and the most obvious of my ideas, was nowhere to be seen.

Until now.

(They don't have what I consider an essential feature, omnidirectional video, nor a second I consider pretty important, a reasonable tamperproofing system. But I find it hard to imagine ethat those aren't totally obvious at this point. If in fact I'm giving something away by suggesting them at this point, I deserve poverty.)
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