Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Practice interviews, take 2

For the past few weeks I've been working with a volunteer career coach — a friend-of-a-friend who's a very senior manager at a company you've all heard of. She's an MIT PhD from the 70s, smart as a whip, abides no bullshit, and for whatever reason enjoys spendiing an hour a week coaching me. I am finding her help invaluable, and the last thing in the world I would want to do is earn her disapproval.

She is losing patience with my neurotic aversion to interviews, and yesterday instructed me to do five practice interviews before next week. So I am again, rather more urgently than last time, asking my friends to do practice interviews with me. (If you've offered before and I either didn't get back to you or my response lacked enthusiasm, please forgive me and rest assured I will be much more responsive this time.)

Thanks in advance!
Tags: jobhunt
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