Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

practice interviews again

The last round of practice interviews were extremely valuable. I think I've now absorbed the lessons I learned from them and am ready for more. My job coach and I figure I should do about twenty more, in fact.

You don't need to have any experience interviewing people — real world interviewers are often inexperienced. You just need to be willing to imagine a scenario in which you'd be interviewing someone for a technology management job, and interview me for that position. For which you will earn my undying gratitude.

Regardless of whether you want to or don't have time, if you have a friend you think might be into it, please put them in touch with me — practice interviews with friends are great, but strangers are even better in some ways.

If you'd like to but aren't local to me here in Boston, that's great too: we can do a phone interview.

(I should mention that I am myself an experienced interviewer — it's only on the other side of the desk that I get nervous. So I'd be happy to swap practice interviews with anyone who wants to do that.)

Thanks in advance!
Tags: jobhunt
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