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(This post will mostly only make sense to my MIT friends.)

It's kind of a strange feeling to realize something I came up with has become ancient and venerable tradition (for values of "ancient and venerable" equal to "still going after two full generations of undergrads").

I happened to see this Fall's LSC calendar the other day, and noticed that it still features the Sunday double-feature — an idea I came up with ten years ago or so. (At the time LSC had, since time immemorial, always different movies each night of the weekend. Sunday movies had been losing money fairly consistently, and we were thinking of dropping them altogether. I suggested we try running Friday's and Saturday's movies on Sundays — "Think of it is the Sunday Double Feature," I remember saying &mdash thus paying rent for one fewer movies each weekend but having the same number of showings.)

Then just now I saw someone zephyr to -c sipb
IAP is sooner than you think!
I remember coming up with that phrase in the middle of my IAP report in the (grovels the minutes) Aug 14, 2000 meeting. I knew from the laughter at the time it was a keeper, but am amused by how right I was.

Sometime around 1995, amyv told me that even though I wasn't an MIT alum I was "honorary kruft." That appellation still pleases me.
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