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I had a great time at last year's Honk! Festival, which was the first time in years I went to something with the specific intent of taking pictures. I had such a good time I made a point of doing the same this year. I still need to post some of my pictures from last year, but to defeat my inner procrastinator, I figured the best thing was to post some of this year's today.

When I learned photography, I was poor and film was expensive — so I took few but carefully planned photos. It's been a tough habit to shake, but I think I'm there: Until today, in the 30 months I've owned my digital SLR I had taken only 1878 pictures. Today I took 498 more. I will only subject you to nine of them:

A band ends a number by all slowly collapsing to the ground, as the music winds down.

One of the things I really love about Honkfest is how fluid the boundary between performer and audience is. Is this woman a member of the audience or a performer? I couldn't tell — and didn't care.
I didn't recognize either of these people, but the octopus (which I somehow failed to notice at the time) makes me suspect some of you will....

nacht_muxik blows for Emperor Norton's Stationary Marching Band
But this guy blows more.

chillguru, ENSMB's fearless leader

Another dancer blissing out in the band/audience boundary.
One of ENSMB's percussionists was clearly just having a blast.

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