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Election Night

My parents were heavily into politics, and election nights were inevitably spent gathered around the TV, awaiting the outcome, to be bemoaned or celebrated. These days I effectively don't have a television¹ And I burned out on politics about the time the Republicans trotted out the solemn machinery of impeachment over a cum-stained dress. Nevertheless, this year I cannot help but agree that
Never in living memory has an election been more critical than the one fast approaching — that’s the quadrennial cliché as expected as the balloons and the bombast. And yet when has it ever felt so urgently true?²
When indeed.

So I would like to watch this year's election results unfold, and I would like to do so among friends. If I were to hold an election-night party, at which the TV would be used for web browsing and the live commentary would come from NPR, would anyone want to come to it?

Poll #1281382 Election Night

Would you attend my hypothetical tv-free election night party?


¹ Where effectively means I have a TV — a rather nice 32-inch LCD TV, in fact. What I don't have is cable service or an antenna: what little I watch comes form the Internet or on DVDs.

² "Comment: The Choice," The New Yorker, "The Talk of the Town" column, October 13, 2008, p. 51.
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