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Yes We Can

My mother was something the Republicans have been telling us for a generation cannot exist, a left-wing patriot. She believed it was government's job to level the playing field, to help those left by the wayside to get back on the road. But most of all she believed in the American Civic Religion, with its testaments the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution, its saints Franklin, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Washington, and it's sacrament, the Vote. And she raised me up in her faith.

My faith fell on hard times. The Republicans trotting out the solemn machinery of Impeachment over a blow job. The Supreme Court interceding in an election to prevent ballots from being counted. Congress, when the Ninth Circuit ruled that it had acted unconstitutionally in inserting the words "under God" into Francis Bellamy's lovely Pledge of Allegiance, responding by all but unanimously reaffirming its unconstitutional act. The President condoned torture.

My mother's faith came to seem to me little better than Santa Claus or the Easter Bunny: Tales for children, not something an adult could believe in.

Tonight I sat among friends (thank you again aerynne for inviting me) hanging on the news. I watched John McCain give his best speech of the campaign, a concession speech worthy of the statesman I once thought he was.

And then the President-Elect came on. And I found myself standing up from the couch I'd been sitting on, facing the screen squarely, and standing at parade-rest through his acceptance speech. And toward the end, shedding a few tears.

I don't know how long it will last, but I wish my mom were alive, so I could call her and tell her that, at least for tonight, I have my faith back.
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