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It's a small, small world

A few weeks ago Alyse needed to hire a biologist to consult on a project at work, and found one through craigslist. When we talked on the phone last night, she mentioned that she needed to go by that person's house and pick up a book they'd borrowed. I offered to do it for her, and she emailed me the biologist's address and her name, Amy B___.   Huh, thought I,  I know an Amy B___.   (She married Jeff B___, who used to work for me — was in fact the second person I hired at TERC. Come to think of it, wasn't she Course VII?¹. But they moved to Hawaii years ago. Must just be a coincidence.

I got to the house to pick up the book, which was supposed to be inside the screen door. No sign of it. So I rang the bell. The only adult home was the nanny; she didn't know anything about it. She called Amy and left voicemail. Then she made another call. "Jeff, there's a guy here to pick up a book...." My jaw dropped. She was off the phone with him too quickly for me to catch her eye. "I'm sorry, he's a teacher and has class."

"They didn't just move here from Hawaii, did they?"

I left them a note about what a small world it is.

¹ Course VII is MIT-speak for Biology.
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