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Zappos further wins my loyalty

I have a store credit with Zappos; I logged onto their site about a half-hour ago intending to use it — and found that the 'my account' link, instead of taking me to the navigation page I remembered, took me to my order history. I checked the FAQ, which confirmed my memory, and called.

Five minutes later I was on the phone with a customer service rep who took my report of a website bug seriously. She logged onto the site as me, replicated the problem, got on the phone with internal tech support — and gave me my credit balance and the info I need to use it.

I don't know how many times over the years I have attempted to tell some company's front line customer support about an issue with their website. Usually I've felt like I was wasting my breath. This is the way that sort of conversation is supposed to go. I've always found Zappos' customer service to be excellent, so I expected to have the information I'd been looking for in fairly short order. But if you'd asked me ahead of time, I'd have predicted the rep would quietly note my concern, then promptly forget about it and take the next call. This was ... both unexpected and surprisingly satisfying.
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