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Google pulls a Microsoft

For the last seven and a half years, the government's been screaming at us to Be Afraid!! all the damned time. That got old quickly, and seriously old about the time they started making me take my shoes off at the airport.

And now Google joins in?!?

This morning, I went to do an innocuous search — and all of my results came back marked
"This site may harm your computer"
I did four increasingly innocuous searches, ending with a search on "table"
Out of all four of my searches, the only hits of the first ten not to have that warning were the one sponsored link I got, and links to Google's own "shopping results for <search_term>' page.

Way to go live with a new feature, Google!

(To be fair, Google would have to screw up on this scale an order of magnitude more often to be seriously competitive with Microsoft. I should also note that by the time I was done writing this, the bug was gone.)
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