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Well, that's a record

Just under 24 hours after applying for a position:
Hi Carl,

Thank you for expressing your interest in a career with $COMPANY and submitting your resume to us.

After careful review of your talented background we have decided to continue our pursuit for a candidate possessing the competencies that are more aligned with our current vacancy and needs.

However, we would be delighted to reconnect as future compatible opportunities arise.

We wish you success in your career endeavors.

Kind regards,


At least it's a response. From (apparently) an actual human. And a quick one. That's better than a lot of companies. (Not, mind you, that I didn't earn some bad karma on the acknowledging people's resumes front when I was on the other side of the desk. I swear on all that's holy that if I am ever again in a management job, I will reply to every single resume that comes in for a job I've advertised. Even the ones I toss aside unread because of grammar or typos.)
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