Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Coax tools?

Do I know anyone who has and would be willing to lend me the necessary tools to terminate RG6 with crimp-on F-type connectors? And maybe show me how to use them properly?

What are you really trying to do?

Chris asked me to help out with the communications wiring part of his remodeling. I gave the electrician a layout plan and specs; the electrician ran the cable — and now I'm going to terminate it. I'm all set so far as the network wiring is concerned: been there, done that, have the tools. But I have approximately zero experience with the cable TV stuff. Initially, after fishing around a little on the web, I planned to use screw-on F-type male connectors, which I would in turn connect to the back side of female-female couplers in keystone jacks. But everyone I've talked to with any experience tells me the screw-on connectors are unreliable. So I'd like to use crimp-on male connectors (or if such a thing exists, crimp-on female keystone connectors). But I don't especially want to buy tools I'm unlikely to ever use again in my life. And a lifetime of experience using tools has taught me that I get up to speed quickest when I have a chance to watch someone who knows what they're doing demonstrate using the tool.

Thanks in advance!

(Let me just add, because I suspect some of you have learned, as have I, that it doesn't go without saying, that I understand the ethics of borrowing tools. My dad was a construction worker, and one of my earliest memories is of watching him in the garage, cleaning a tool he'd borrowed from a friend — a tool that hadn't been exactly spotless when he borrowed it. "Always try to return a tool in as good shape as you borrowed it. Better, if you can. That way, your credit's always good.")
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