Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Would someone in the UK like to do me a favour?

Dear friends across the pond,

I've been downloading and watching with great pleasure some of the BBC's programming celebrating Darwin's bicentenary. This has been a double pleasure: not only is it excellent science programming, but unlike any discussion of evolution for a mainstream audience I've ever seen in the US, it doesn't cast evolution as controversial. (Aside from the very real historic controversy, of course. But American popular discussion of evolution always treats it as a current controversy.)

Many of the programs end with the suggestion that the viewer go to and request a copy of the free "Tree of Life" poster. I would love a copy of this poster. I would happily buy a copy of this poster if it were available for sale.

If one of my friends in the UK would be willing (at, I suppose, some risk of getting on an Open University mailing list) to request a copy of this poster, and either hold it for me to pick up next time I'm in your lovely country (2010, I hope), or post it to me (for which I would reimburse you in the form of an Amazon UK gift certificate), I would be most grateful.
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