Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Moving Wednesday

This time for sure — the new tenants are moving into the apartment on Friday, and we have cleaners scheduled for Thursday. So even though the house is not exactly what you'd call done, we're moving on Wednesday. Day after tomorrow. Starting roughly 36 hours hence, and going until we're done.

Being a weekday, I realize, means that many of you who might like to help will not be able to, and/or your ability to help later in the afternoon/evening will be contingent on how much your day took out of you. (Not to mention being contingent on how much we are able to get done earlier in the day.)

So, if you can help, please send me email (I think most of you know my MIT address, but if not, username at forwards to it). If you're not sure, then please take my phone number — 617 901 6954 — and if come Wednesday afternoon/evening you find youself going Hey, I could use some running up and down stairs carrying boxes to top off my day, then please give me a call.

Thanks in advance!
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