Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Buddy, can you spare a fridge?

I don't suppose someone has an unused refrigerator (even an old dorm fridge) sitting around that I could borrow? For, presumably, a week or so, though I cannot make any promises.... Or maybe you have some unused space in the chest freezer in your basement that you'd be willing to let me use for a week or two?

The latest in the moving-into-a-house-while-the-remodeling-is-still-ongoing saga (which I have mostly spared you) is there there will probably not be a working refrigerator when I move in. (Note the lack of certainty. There is a similar lack of certainty around such questions as When can I assume there will be a working refrigerator?, as well as many others.) If I had known this two weeks ago, i could have planned for it, by eating my frozen food and not buying refrigerated food. But two weeks ago I was still under the delusion that the house was going to be ready to move in to, with perhaps a little minor trim work still to be done, by day before yesterday.

My current plan, such as it is, is to not move my food tomorrow, but instead to plan on moving it first thing Thursday. Into a location to be determined.

Thanks in advance!
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