Alex (yakshaver) wrote,


Three days after bringing down the network at the old place and packing everything up, i've finally had a chance to set up net at the new place and get online*.

The fact that it's taken me three days to get online should give you some idea how the move has gone. But I am way too tired to go into that right now.

I'll be trying to catch up on LJ, but if you had any big news since .... let's say Tuesday morning, to be safe, and you want me to know about it, please drop me mail.

* For very ad-hoc definitions of "set up": I am sitting in the basement. Beside me, an extension cord stretches down from the the floor joists above, ending in a cardboard box with cables spilling out of it, from the opposite side of which a coax cable stretches up toward the exterior wall. Atop the cardboard box are the blinking lights of a cable modem and airport base station, sitting at a jaunty angle atop their cushion of cables.
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