Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Anyone have a spare microwave oven? Or electric tea kettle?

So the kitchen now has a working refrigerator, which means I can return the dorm fridge narya lent me, as soon as I can clean it. Which may be a few days: something sticky leaked in it, and in attempting to clean it, I discovered that we do not yet have hot water in the kitchen. There is also not yet a working stove, and Chris (who is back in California) told me on the phone yesterday that he has not yet even chosen a microwave.

I had an old but essentially serviceable 17-year-old microwave oven: its only problem was that its timer was broken. But when packing last summer, to move temporarily into an apartment with a built-in microwave and then ostensibly back into a remodeled house, also with a built-in microwave, I gave it to Goodwill.

In the normal course of events, I cook (or re-heat leftovers) all but two or three meals a week. (I was taught to cook by a mother who helped her mother put sufficient and nutritious meals for ten on the table three times a day throughout the depression. These days, I spend in a month on groceries about what I used to spend in a week on restaurants when I was working, and eat every bit as well.) Had I known two weeks ago that there would be something over five days between when I moved in and when the kitchen would become fully usable, I would have done a number of things differently. For one thing, I'd have depleted the stock of food in the fridge and freezer. (Instead, I kept them stocked at normal levels, on the assumption that I would just be moving it from one fully functional fridge to another.) More pertinent to the current problem, I would have started asking two weeks ago if anyone had a dorm fridge, microwave, hot-plate, and/or electric kettle I could borrow, which I would have been able to arrange to pick up at a mutually convenient time at some point during those two weeks.

Instead, I am asking whether any of you have a microwave oven sitting around, that I might be able to drop by and pick up today. I have leftovers in the fridge that really don't want to wait much longer.

Ditto if you have a disused electric tea kettle, though that's something I can far more easily get by without.

(There probably wouldn't be any point in my borrowing a hot-plate now: I bought an electric skillet last night: I'd been thinking of getting one for a while, to solve the grease-splatter problem (they tend to have glass lids), and figured at this point, even if the stove is usable as soon as Tuesday, it will nearly pay for itself in the take-out I would otherwise buy. (Faced with the prospect of yet more peanut-butter, I ended up getting take-out twice yesterday. Which was definitely not sustainable.) At any rate, I can now cook a variety of one-pan meals, so a hot-plate wouldn't do much for me.)

Thanks in advance!
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