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Some days you can't win

So I'm sitting in the basement, trying to work on the network wiring because it's about the most constructive thing I can do while the construction workers are running around the place with Mike FM* going full blast all day.

I'm trying not to irritate the two places I've already cut my fingertips because my hands are soft and I don't handle 24-gauge solid copper every day. I'm coughing, my eyes are watering, and in spite of the antihistamines my nose is dripping from all the dust.

And then a bug flies into my face. I clap my hands, trying to kill it — and my watch flies off my wrist. Landing - noiselessly - somewhere among the construction debris.

The watch that I bought less than a week ago, having finally given up hope of getting anything out of the "lifetime warranty" on my previous watch.

Half an hour of looking through construction trash later, I"m taking a break to whine.

* A radio station whose "format" apparently consists of everything that has ever been in the top 40, as long as there's been a top 40, on random shuffle.
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