Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Could someone lend me a dremel tool?

Just installed (both ends) and tested the first of our quad-gang network jacks. A pair of professional electricians (an electrician wouldn't do it alone: too much wasted time running back and forth) could have done it in ten minutes, max. It took me just this side of two hours.

Let's say with all the backing-and-forthing, a hypothetical pro doing the job alone would take half an hour. So I'm just over a quarter as efficient as a pro.

Half as efficient I could feel good about. A quarter — not so much.

I expect my efficiency with the punchdown and coax tools will improve significantly and quickly. But by far the biggest time-waster was carefully carving away the plaster skim coat from where it was partially covering the wiring box, while making sure not to damage the plaster past where it would be covered by the faceplate. A purpose for which a razor knife is The Wrong Tool.TM

I'm pretty sure a Dremel is the right tool. Would someone be willing to lend me theirs for a week or so? I'll buy a #562 bit for it and give it to you when I'm done.
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