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Anyone know how to get into this fixture?

I'm housesitting this week while some friends are on vacation. This means, as I hoped it would when I volunteered, that I've been able to go off antihistamines and my breathing has almost returned to normal. Yay!

It also means that instead of my usual current assortment of renovation quandaries, I found myself presented this morning with an old-school old house maintenance problem: The light in the bathroom went out, and when I looked up, I realized I had no idea how to get into the fixture to replace the bulb. Before I dig up a step-ladder and start probing randomly, I thought I'd ask the collective wisdom of LJ: Has anyone seen a fixture like this before, and if so, do you know how to get into it?

(Alternately, can anyone suggest a good LJ community to ask this sort of question in?)

Edit: Yes, I did notice the discoloration strongly suggestive that the fixture has been in service too long and/or with too bright a bulb. I don't intend to merely replace the bulb without investigating more. But knowing how to get into it before I start would be useful.
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