Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Anyone want to help me hang some doors?

I guess I haven't updated you all on the ongoing remodeling saga for a while. Suffice it to say, it continues, slowly and (at least for the time being) somewhat less dustily.

Four weeks ago tomorrow, we took the doors down and took them to the shop. Where they were supposed to be for two weeks.

Fortunately, those two weeks coincided with some friends' vacation, so I was able to crash there rather than live with two housemates and no bathroom door for two weeks.

Two weeks go by. No doors arrive. Chris, the housemate who owns the house, goes back to California, where he works. Matthew and I make arrangements that allow for life without doors without major embarrassment.

Today — about an hour ago as I write this — the doors arrived back. Presenting me, I have now discovered, with a couple of problems:
  1. Many of the doors have, in the process of being finished, lost the notations we had put on their top and bottom ends as to where they go, so some experimenting is going to be necessary in order to hang them. Said experiments will be far more easily performed by four hands than two.
  2. If a door opens against a wall (that is, the doorway is in the corner of a room and the door opens inward, with the open door against the side wall), I cannot hang it single-handedly. I'm fine with a door that has a 180° swing. But with a door in a corner, i feel like I want to be on one side of the door to position it, and on the other side to drop the pins in. [Edit: I figured this out, and hung one such door. But it would be loads easier with some help.]
I would really like to get some of the doors hung before the weekend. And I really do not feel Matthew is a good person to help with this operation. So I'm hoping someone would like to come over for maybe 20 minutes today or tomorrow to help me hang a couple of doors....

Please comment if you can. Or just call me: 617 901 6954. Thanks!
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