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Compounded stupidity

The last several times I've bought external hard drive enclosures, they've come with power bricks that connected to the enclosure via a mini-DIN connector. I thought this was stupid — there are a lot of other connectors that are far less likely to slip out accidentally. But everyone seemed to have settled on it, so I shrugged, made sure to check my connectors every couple weeks, and didn't give it much more thought.

In the ongoing saga of unpacking, i just came across an external USB drive that isn't labeled. I'm pretty sure I know what's on it, but wanted to check. Unfortunately, it seems to have gotten separated from it's power supply No problem, thinks I, I'll just borrow the power supply from this other drive.

Wrong: this enclosure uses 4-pin mini-DIN. The other one uses 6-pin. So someone decided to use someone else's daft idea — but just differently enough to be incompatible.
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