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missing kitchen gadgets

Well, crap.

I've just finished going through all the still-to-be-unpacked boxes from my move back at the end of April, and can now confirm what I've long suspected: at least one box went missing. In particular, the box containing my food scale and my oven thermometer. (Presumably there's rather more stuff missing — most of a box full, in fact. But I've been wondering about the scale and thermometer since a few days after the move.)

I feel violated, of course. But I've been burgled and I've been mugged (and just randomly assaulted on the street by guys who didn't even bother trying to take my wallet), had cars vandalized (one effectively totaled) and bikes stolen; presumably this was an opportunistic theft by some punk who walked by the van in an unwatched moment — and who ended up very disappointed by their haul. As personal violations go... So my faith in the fundamental goodness of my fellow humans takes another hit point. Shrug.

Right. So, a question for the foodies: I need a new oven thermometer and a new food scale. What do you recommend?

My thermometer was the digital one they sell at Whole Foods; a lot like this one, except mine was white and didn't have the clip they show connected to the probe. I wouldn't mind a better one; in particular, I wouldn't mind having multiple probes.

My scale was a cheap one powered by a single AA battery. It claimed to have a capacity of 5kg, accurate to 1g, IIRC. Its only distinguishing feature (but one I very much liked) was that I was able to set it to metric without having it revert to avoirdupois every time it powered down. That, and a tare button, are the only features I really care about.

Let me know what you recommend. Also, if you know where to get it locally, let me know that too. I don't have any immediate need for the thermometer, but I do need a scale by Saturday.
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