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Brunch; Lessons Learned

Had a small but delightfully conversational turn-out for brunch. (Which I have decided to start doing regularly again, probably on a bi-monthly schedule; watch this space for details.)

Lessons learned:
  • Two years ago, when I translated my scone recipe from English measures to metric (and switched the dry ingredients from volumes to weights), I also calculated it at three scales: small (which was double the recipe I'd originally started with), medium (triple the original), and large (4.5x). Today for the first time I actually tried the large — and once I saw all the dry ingredients (plus butter) in my KitchenAid's mixing bowl, decided that maybe it's too large: I might have been able to mix and knead it without getting dough all over the counter. But then again, I might not. (I'll probably actually try it some day — but one of those days I'm ahead of schedule, rather than one, like today, where I'm mixing the dough as the first guests arrive. As it was, I just divided the dry ingredients in half and made the dough in two batches. Since the large version of the recipe calls for 5 eggs, I ended up using an extra half-egg per half-batch, which leads to the next lesson.)
  • Adding more egg just makes for fluffier scones, and has no downside I can see.
  • Fewer than a dozen of my friends can devour a large batch of scones. And a jar-and-a-half of jam, and a quarter pound of butter. And three pounds of sausage.
  • Next time, lay in more provisions.
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