Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

new NAT needed

My getting on to ten-year-old Apple base station is getting to the point where it flakes out more than I'm willing to put up with. I want to replace it, and I don't especially want to pay Apple prices.

What I need:
  • Like the Apple, a single NAT served simultaneously to 100baseT (or would it be 1000 these days?) and 802.11
  • WPA2 support

What I'd like:
  • The ability to manage the NAT from the command line, preferably via a serial console
  • The ability to map IP addresses to MACs, without being locked into only using computers whose MACs I've registered with the NAT
  • The ability to run a second, open wireless NAT, along with
  • The ability to choke how much bandwidth to the 'Net a given NAT can use.

Tags: geek
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