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Please vote for Martha Coakley on Tuesday

I am astounded and deeply saddened that there is even a remote possibility of Scott Brown winning the election Tuesday, let alone that polls are running anywhere near 50-50. Obama and the Democrats haven't even had a year yet to try to clean up the mess fourteen years of Republican misgovernance  — from Gingrich's Contract on America, through trotting out the solemn machinery of impeachment over a blow job, a president who was out to lunch for the intelligence briefings warning about Al Queda, selling a cowboy's war of choice to the country on the basis of a pack of lies, promoting torture and destroying our reputation in the world, and, oh yeah, bringing us to the brink of Great Depression II — left us in.

And now it appears that roughly half the likely voters in Massachusetts are willing to let the Republicans back into power.

The key phrase there is likely voters. A lot of the people who turned out last year to make history are now disillusioned with Obama. If you deluded yourself that he was the second coming, as so many people did, you damned well should be disillusioned. Obama doesn't walk on water. But let's give the guy a chance to do what's humanly possible, instead of taking our balls and going home when it turns out he can't fix a mess it took fourteen years to make in one. Get off your butt, go to the polls on Tuesday, and give the guy a chance.

(An no, to forestall that objection, I don't think Martha Coakley is the best Senator Massachusetts could get. But Scott Brown is pretty damned close to the worst.)
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