Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

How do you use LinkedIn?

So, how do people use LinkedIn? I only send invitations to people I actually know and have had, in some sense, a work relationship with; I only accept invitations from such people, or from people the quality of whose work I consider myself to be reasonably well-informed about, via their reputation among our shared friends.

My rationale is that, if Zoe gets in touch with me saying there's a job at Yves' company she's interested in, and could I introduce her? I want to be able to honestly tell Yves either that I know Zoe's work first hand, and she's excellent, or that I know her work's reputation, and it's excellent.

This means I decline (or simply don't respond to) around 20% of the invitations I receive. But I keep hearing that the point of LinkedIn is to expand your network as much as possible. Am I being too conservative?
Tags: jobhunt, work
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