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Well, that was easy

Just back from Mass Eye & Ear. Nothing even remotely traumatic; the worst thing was waiting just under an hour in the pre-op area - they preped me, put novocaine under my eyelid, started my IV and started me on a sedative and left me with the impression I'd be going in in under 10 min - and then there was a hang-up.

The strangest thing was watching the surgery from the inside. This was mostly a matter of a strange light-and-shadow show - but right at the very end came one of the coolest things I've ever seen in my life: Suddenly the (admittedly constrained) world around me quite literally unfolded, and I caught what seemed like a remarkably clear glimpse of the machinery above me before the surgeon put the bandage over my eye. To be sure, I asked her if unfolding the lens had been the very last thing she did. She was very excited by the fact that I'd seen it happening - apparently that's quite rare.

And now, time for a very belated morning coffee --- and breakfast!
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