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Do you have good eyes and small tools?

So, I have a problem, and I think I have a solution (or at least a significant improvement).

This is, roughly, what I look like as I'm typing this:

Picture of me wearing my glasses over my large, hard-shell eyepatch

An astute observer (or even a fairly oblivious one) may note that the large plastic cup taped over my left eye is causing me to have to wear my glasses nearly on the end of my nose. Said observer may also notice the indentation between my eyebrow and the bridge of my nose where my glasses normally sit. These are two very different places — different enough that I can't spend much time reading. To say nothing of the fact that every time I glance downward, I'm at risk of my glasses falling off. Which, since I'm not supposed to bend over for the duration, would be especially poor.

You may also note that my left lens is useless. And will be, permanently, since the brand new lens in my eye is nearsighted, and the left lens of my glasses is intended for a farsighted eye.

These glasses consist of two temples and a bridge, held together by the lenses. I know from experience, by breaking a temple, that I can wear them somewhat functionally without one temple — and what made that hard was the weight of the lens that was only supported by the bridge.

I have never examined them closely (chicken and egg problem there), but I can only imagine the lenses are attached to the frames by screws, And that if I were to detach the left lens from the bridge, I would in effect have a monocle, supported by the bridge of my nose and one ear. Which I believe I would be able to wear in something far closer to my normal position.

So if someone with good eyes and small tools would be interested in coming over and trying to take my glasses apart, I would be most grateful.....
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