Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

3 hrs to bandages off

Well if nothing else, this is giving me a trial of my touch-typing. Though of course not one I can check myself on. At least not for a while.

I've been trying to sleep away the time between getting home and going back to get my bandages off. I didn't get any chance to look through the new lens this time --- they were putting ointment in my wye instantly, so all I got was some blurry motion, than darkness.

So I'm not going to feel like this has all worked out til bandages-off. If then.

There;s definitely leakage from my eye --- which there wasn't with the left, and the doctor commented positively on that at the 1-day followup. So one more little thing to try to be zen about.

How on earth did pre-literate poets do it? I can't even remember whether I already mentioned that I've been trying, mostly successfully, to sleep the time away. In between I've been doing a little exploring of navigation with only my left eye. I think the new nearsighted one is far more suited to that, at least around the house, than the old farsighted and astygmatic one. (I can't read what I'm typing. But I can see at least two words are now underlined in red. Sorry.)

Anyway, left eye on its own is sufficient for navigating around the house, making coffee. About to try making bacon and eggs, but don't anticipate any problem. Not sufficient for getting much use out of iPod, though. Had the sense to ask V to set it to the series I most want to listen to before she left yesterday, so I'm fine as long as I don't want to listen to something else.

And of course I can do LJ write-only. :)

More when I know more.
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