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I just accidentally partook, for free, of a two-and-a-half-hours of entertainment that was hands down as good as any I've ever paid for.

Earlier today I'd been reading my twitter feed, in which Neal Gaiman did a shout-out to John Hodgeman, mentioning they were both going to be on a Minnesota Public Radio program, Wits. So I opened up their web page, glanced at it — and went about doing other things. Including going to a doctor's appointment, having a meeting with a client, and in short being gone for most of the day. Then this evening about 9:00, having long since forgotten about this, my computer starts playing music all by itself. I was in the middle of something, so turned sound down and ignored it. When I was finished, I went looking for the browser tab the sound was presumably coming from.

And by the time I unburied the tab, i was hooked.

A radio program performed on stage before a live audience, broadcast on the web using a single camera stationed in the middle of the auditorium. Which is, for the record, the canonical recipe for terrible television &mdash but somhow on this occasion made for totally compelling video.

Guest of honor, John Hodgeman. Magical telephone guest Neil Gaiman. Surprise musical guest Damian Kulash. And to close, a sing along I felt compelled to sing along with from home.

I cannot possibly explain in writing just how much fun this was. But it turns out the video is on the web, raw as I saw it. Give it a shot. You'll smile. A lot.

Magic telephone guest Neal Gaiman's cell-phone signal magically solved.

Surprisingly compelling singalong.
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