Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Do you grok SPD?

When I got my recumbent trike three years ago, I also got SPD pedals and shoes: The test ride alone had shown me how much trouble I'd have keeping my feet positioned on pedals 80° off horizontal.

The SPD shoes I got at the time kill me to walk in — to the point where I always bring another pair of shoes with me when I ride. I recently decided to try solving this by way of Zappos* and now I have a pair of SPD shoes that I can walk comfortably in.

Now I need to install cleats and set them up. Last time, the bike shop charged me like $40 for this. Is it really that hard? Have any of you done it? And would you be willing to help me do it for myself?

Thanks in advance!

* I'm a big fan of Zappos. My experience of shoe shopping has way too often been:
  • Go into the store.
  • FInd something I like
  • Be told by the salesman they don't have it in my size, but
    • They have this other "similar" shoe I don't like as well
    • they have it in a different size that's close enough
  • I try on the shoes
  • lather, rinse, repeat
  • I eventually leave the store with a pair of shoes
  • which when I try actually wearing them in the real world turn out to
    • hurt like hell
    • provide no support
    • be hideous
  • the shoes gather dust in the back of my closet
  • until I give them to Goodwill.
'With Zappos, I order a shoe, it arrives, I wear it around the house for an hour or too. Maybe two or three times over a period of weeks. And if I don't like them, I go to the website, print out a pre-paid shipping label, and ship them back. All at no extra cost. Often (as with my new SPD shoes) I'll order four or five pairs, some of them the same shoe in different sizes, and keep only one. Or none. Zappos is fine with that. And so am I.
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