Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

My First Cucumber

I was at Russo's one day this spring, when they had table upon table of vegetable seedlings out front. So I developed a sudden urge to try container gardening. And gave in to it.

I used to refuse to have anything to do with trying to grow plants, believing I had a notorious brown thumb. I've had a little more success in recent years, but I was certainly not prepared for this. For one thing, I had no containers. But Alyse had a bunch of empty cat litter buckets; I drilled drain holes in them, got some soil and set myself up as a container gardener.

I had not, of course, actually read the little tags that came with the seedlings, which said things like "plant in rows 2 to 3 feet apart," until I got them home and was starting to transplant them. So as I transplanted them into roughly an order of magnitude less soil then the instructions implied they needed, I wasn't all that hopeful.

So this pleases me immensely:

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