Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

TV Everywhere

I started this morning in the waiting room at Herb Chambers Honda, where I took Alyse's car for some work.* I sat in the waiting room took out my laptop, and started trying to do some work. But even thought I'd chosen the seat furthest from the TV, it kept intruding on my consciousness, especially the Republican hate ads. I noticed that nobody else seemed to actually be watching it, and only two people were in the part of the waiting room that had chairs facing the screen. So I went over to ask them if they'd mind if I turned it off. One didn't care, but the other (though sitting with his head turned away from the screen, apparently reading the Herald, said "I like to listen to the news."

Just then, a particularly annoying ad came on, so I packed up my laptop and headed out to find breakfast. Somehow failed to notice the the TV in the dining room as I ordered at the counter, and now find my digestion ruined by a CNN story about one of her fans presenting Sarah Palin with pink underwear. (For crying out loud, this non-entity is so unworthy of serious attention that even her fans treat her as trivial.)

What the hell is wrong with people that they accept and even like this constant intrusion of gibberish? Is it really so terrifying to be able to hear yourself think?

* Yes, I know better. I don't normally go to a car dealership for service; IME a good independent shop is invariably both better and cheaper. But they're having a $10 oil change special, and the car needs some other work where I thought taking it to a Honda specialist would be best.
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