Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

I'm suddenly free on Thanksgiving

Weds, 11:00 am edit: I now have a plan!

I just discovered that my intended Thanksgiving plan isn't. (My RSVP never arrived, and by the time I thought to check with my hosts, they'd finished planning and shopping for the number of people whose RSVPs did arrive.)

I'm entirely content to just take it as a quiet day at home, but I'd rather hang out with friends. So if some of you also don't have a plan yet, I'd be happy to have you over to my place for an ad-hoc (and probably pot-luck) thanksgiving meal. Comment here by 3:00 pm tomorrow (Weds) if you're interested; I'll send email around 4:00 tomorrow to all who do. (If you don't have a good reason to believe I know your email address, and <username> doesn't work for you, say so in your comment and give me somc clues how I can reach you.)

(Alternately, if someone would like my company and adding me at this point wouldn't inconvenience you, I'm open to late invitations....)
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