Alex (yakshaver) wrote,

Eye surgery done

So laser surgery, at least in this case, consists of me, in my street clothes, sitting in a chair, leaning forward with my chin in a chinrest, my forehead against another restraint, my surgeon sitting across from me, looking into what sure looks like a stereo microscope, and her assistant beside me, holding my head steady. All while I do my best to keep looking at a too-dim LED a few inches in front of my face, against the glare of two quite bright red LEDs which are presumably for targeting the laser.

Dr. Jurkunas says it went well, but we'll probably want to do one more procedure down the road. My follow-up appointment is Jan. 21; in the mean time I'm free to go, though I'm going to hold off til the pupil dilation wears off some more.

Meanwhile, I just want to say that open wireless vastly improves medical waiting rooms.
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