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Walking thoughts

A friend suggested I take pictures on my walks, and post them here. Which I think is a delightful idea, and plan to take up — but I've ended up walking in the dark the past couple days.

But on my walk tonight I had a random thought I'll share with you.

A man and a woman got out of a car maybe fifty feet in front of me, clearly deep in the throes of early love. They were cute, and watching them made me smile. As I walked past, something about them reminded me of a couple in a TV show I saw recently, where part of the action was that he callsher, both on their cell phones, and they go through bit of light comedy on the theme of her not recognizing who's calling.

Of course, being cell phones (and the characters not being nerds and thus unlikely to have disabled it), they have Caller-ID — and from what I've seen, most people take advantage of that most of the time when answering their call phones. Which made me wonder: Will the ubiquity of Caller-ID mean that the skill of identifying people by their voice on the phone disappears? Is it already, like legible handwriting, a former near universal skill that increasingly fewer people are acquiring? Was mine the last generation to be able to pick up a phone and identify most of our friends in a syllable or two?

I have no point here. Just sharing oddment of how my brain fires when not otherwise occupied.
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