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What a lovely way to start the day

I've been making an effort for about three months now, with some success, to sleep regular hours. Without the external constraint of a job to go to, I haven't been setting my alarm. Which has for the most part been a plus, because, in addition to feeling better in general on account of getting neither too much nor too little sleep, I also get to feel better about myself for naturally waking up at a reasonable hour.

But it does lead to the occasional morning like today, when, having not gotten to sleep til about half past midnight, I woke up, saw "6:09" on my bedside clock, and rolled back over thinking No! I'm going back to sleep. But I know from experience that would be the first step down the road to having even more trouble getting to sleep at a reasonable hour tonight, and a bigger fight to drag myself out of bed tomorrow morning, and ultimately to a completely fubar sleep schedule.

One of the things I do to help myself sleep is play my collection of nature sounds on infinite shuffle in iTunes. This morning when I woke up, it was playing something that features a drowsy string section over wind through trees and birdsong. So, rather than risk it lulling me back to sleep, the first thing I did, once I decided to get up, was log in to my MacBook to pause iTunes.

And that's when I got my first delightful surprise of the morning: the music stopped — but not the birdsong.

First time this year I've heard birds chirping in the morning. Perhaps spring is finally actually here.

Got dressed, went downstairs to make breakfast — and out the door to the back porch, I saw this:

Sunrise over neighbor's roofs.

My general well-being was, just barely, sufficient motivation to drag myself out of bed. But that view, accompanied by the crisp morning air and birds singing as I stepped out on the porch to take pictures of it, was totally worth getting out of bed for.
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