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I wrote the following entry Weds. afternoon, and thought I'd posted it then. It was only when I fired up LJApp on my iPhone this afternoon, intending to post from it about the Harvard Station smoke-out, that i realized that (unless LJApp was lying to me) I hadn't.

Having now double-checked, here it is.

Had some early morning errands today, so set my alarm last night for 5:00. Woke at 4:15 & rolled with it by starting the day with a leisurely shower.

By 10:00 my to-ing & fro-ing had already resulted in four 15+ min walks in my aerobic range --- making today easily my most intensive exercise day since at least last summer, if not longer. Now waiting for Dr ap't, buzzing on something like 4x my usual daily coffee intake. And the day's not over yet by any means!

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I'll just add that I got a chance to spend 15 minutes on a rowing erg later that day, and have also had a chance to glance over my exercise log. It was by far my best exercise day since last summer. I'm pretty pleased.

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