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Boston Philharmonic

Just got home from the Boston Philharmonic concert at Sanders Theater. Which was fantastic, as always, but I'm too tired to write a review. Save to say that their "Discovery Series" concerts are a real bargain. Not because of the discount, which is only a tad off the regular ticket price. But because at a Discovery Series concert, their justly legendary conductor, Benjamin Zander, gives little talks in the middle of the concert. Talks about the piece we're about to hear, in which he'll introduce the themes and the movements, turning to the orchestra and calling out individual players to show off their instrument's moment in the sun. Or mentioning that tonight's soloist is the only living student of the legendary artist for whom the piece she's about to play was written. And just generally sharing his infectious enthusiasm with the audience. And for that, we pay less?!?

(No, the concert didn't run so late I couldn't have been home before midnight — it let out around 10:00. But I felt so energized after that I decided to walk about halfway home, and the MBTA's lameness inserted a half-hour wait into what should have been a much shorter trip.)
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