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Back from eye surgery. This was the second round of post-cataract-surgery correction. The problem being that young cataract patients sometimes have a complication where the capsule heals too aggressively, and partly occludes the lens. in my case, and I think generally, it is mostly occluding parts of the lens that are normally occluded by the iris anyway, so no matter. But when my pupil is dilated, my lens has in effect dirty edges, and I see ghost images (in addition to a much more distinct main image). The solution is to use a YAG laser to burn away some of the excess capsicular surgery.

My surgeon thinks it went very well, and this should be the end of my ghosting problem. I can't really form an opinion yet, as my vision is still blurry from the aftereffects (it will be a wonder if this has no typos).. But I'm hopeful.
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